Don’t you hate it when your stove gets dirty while cooking?

Don’t you hate it when your stove gets dirty while cooking? The splatter is so irritating, and it takes forever to clean all the tiny parts of your stove. If only the clean up could be restricted to a smaller area. My husband Billy certainly hated all this mess, and years ago he started using sheets of foil to cover the stove when he was cooking. He always cleaned up after himself, and he was happy that covering the stove limited this cleaning time.

I didn’t think too much of this quirk of my husbands, until one day when I was going through the kitchen cabinet and I found … Billy’s stash of nasty used and reused greasy, smelling foil. It was so disgusting. I was mortified, and I knew that this had to stop.

“Billy, you need to stop reusing these foils for so long! Look at them!”

I told him, but he wasn’t sure what to do. After all, he couldn’t just use a new foil every time he cooked – he hates waste and it would cost too much. He had already been wiping down the foil after each use, but aluminum foil just sticks to everything, including greasy splatters! We decided enough was enough, and the foil had to go.

The stove was never as clean as we wanted it to be, and I hated the time I was losing with my husband that he had to spend cleaning the stove. He started avoiding making some of his favorite foods – burgers, steaks, chicken breasts – just to keep the mess on the stove to a minimum. But of course, this made everyone unhappy – you can’t roll back on the family favorites and not expect to see more backlash than the back-splatter you get on the stove!

“Billy, what you need is a tarp or something when you cook,” I finally said. Billy looked at me and said, “That’s it! StoveTarp!” And that was the birth of his creation.

A New Creation

StoveTarp was the perfect solution: not only does it cover the stove, except for the area needed for cooking, it cleans up in seconds! The nonstick surface to this silicon covering means that grease comes right off – so unlike the struggles we had trying to clean aluminum foil. It also covers the stove more fully, and there is no more worry that one or two of the foil sheets will fall onto the floor – which occasionally would happen, and it only added to mess we were trying to avoid! All these problems are fixed with StoveTarp.

Another great benefit we found with StoveTarp was that it put ingredients within easy reach. You can place your ingredients on the nontoxic surface, so they can be added in as soon as needed. Billy made sure that StoveTarp is PFOA Free and BPA Free, making it 100% FDA approved. Cooking with the StoveTarp is much faster and easier. The tongs and other utensils can also be stored on the StoveTarp – keep all your mess in one place! If the StoveTarp gets a little dirty from the mess on the tongs, no worry! That’s what the StoveTarp is there for. 

Billy’s idea has transformed our kitchen – our stove is splatter free, and cleanup has never been easier.

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