catches splatter

Cooking can be fun! But, what is never fun, is cleaning up the resulting splatter on your stovetop. StoveTarp is the solution. Our attractive, fire-resistant mat, catches any splatter from your cooking, keeping your stove top clean. Save time and avoid headache!

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cleans up in seconds

With StoveTarp, cleanup is cinch. Pick up the mat off your stove top and drop it into the sink. Gently rinse off any splatter with soapy water and a sponge. Afterwards, dry it off with a paper towel, roll it up and tuck it away. Without StoveTarp, cleaning your stove could take half an hour. Now it takes seconds!

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Non toxic

StoveTarp is completely safe to use for adults and children. Our proprietary design is developed with non-toxic materials, making it safe to use around your food. Use it to catch splatter or as a cutting board. We keep cleanup easy, while protecting your family.

  • 100% Non-Stick
  • Safe up to 500 (260 c)
  • PFOA Free – BPA Free
  • FDA Approved

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